Utopia —
true reality ceases to exist
within the moment

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The word utopia comes from Greek: ou (not) and toπos (place) and means no-place or nonexisting place. My interest goes strictly into this word no-place and I am linking it with medium of photography. Therefore photographs frozen time and captured place is somehow stuck and we can understand it as this no-place or nonexististing place, because the captured moment no longer exists. Photography is utopia by itself.







“....Out of this series, Photography is utopia 2 (2019) is particularly appealing. The black, wall-mounted and rectangular cone viewing frames housing circular and faded backlit images come across like some enchanting and archaic viewing device. Simultaneously isolating individual images and distancing the viewer from each, the objects project a nostalgic aura and beget curiosity that urges viewers to linger and reflect upon what they are seeing.”


– published on EYEBALLING ART








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